ibaPDA-V6-1024 - 30.610240 iba - iba-ag vietnam

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Product number: 30.610240

Process Data Acquisition: Basic package with server-client application

Data storage system for gathering 1024 signals (analog and/or digital channels)

Technical Specification:

  • Manufacturer: iba AG
  • Includes hardware and communication configuration tool and data acquisition functionality managed by server / client application
  • Independent programs for server and client applications
    - ibaPDAserver
    - ibaPDAclient
  • Configuration tool for I/O-Interface
  • Auto detect of connected hardware (Plug-and-Play)
  • Gathering of max. 1024 signals (analog and/or digital)
  • OPC client for gathering signals
  • Unlimited modules for grouping signals
  • Free combination of signals for user defined groups
  • Formular editor for virtual signals
  • Recording of virtual signals as well as trigger signals
  • Manual and automatic triggers
  • Unlimited recorder levels
  • Independent sample rates for each channel and recorder level
  • Online data compression to reduce recorded data file size and signal compressing
  • Time based or lenght based signal feed forward
  • Parallel file recording capability for two dat-files
  • More dat-files possible with an extra license package
  • Specific layout for each client window
  • Independed storage profiles
  • Automatic file naming using technostring (COM port or TCP/IP or file)
  • Display functions with scroll bars and user defined views
  • Look and feel like ibaAnalyzer

Special Remark:

  • Runs under:
    Windows XP Professional (until 6.35.x only), Windows 2003 Server (32Bit; until 6.35.x only), Windows 2000 (until 6.24.0 only), Windows Vista (32Bit; released with V6.21.0), Windows 2008 Server (32Bit; released with V6.21.0), Windows 7 (32Bit; released with V6.24.0), Windows 7 (64Bit; released with V6.30.0), Windows 8 / 8.1 (64Bit; released with V6.33.0), Windows 2012 Server(64Bit; released with V6.33.0), Windows 10 (released with 6.35.0)
  • Protected by dongle

Weight: 0,10 kg

ibaPDA-V6-1024 - 30.610240 iba - iba-ag vietnam

ibaPDA-V6-1024 - 30.610240 iba - iba-ag vietnam


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