Máy đo độ cứng cao su tự động GX-02 Series Teclock

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Automatic Hardness Tester

GX-02 series

         Automatic hardness tester [GX-02 series] can perform the measurement with the operating speed, the measuring weight and the
pressing-surface dimensions which are specified in JIS K 6253 “Determination of hardness - Vulcanized rubber and Thermoplastic rubber”.


This product is the automatic hardness meter. The hardness measurement
is able to be done with the button- touch by a built-in motor.
This product is dedicated for Digital durometer sensor
The product equips the measuring modes of 3 types.
The control part pursues the clarity and easiness of use by adopting a
touch panel.

Main features

Measuring modes: 3 types
Normal mode (the maximum value is acquirable), Test time
mode (the median value and mean value are calculated),
PC mode (operable by PC by using the dedicated software)


・Tolerance judging feature


Standards ISO 7619 / JIS K 6253 compliance
Minimum indication 0.1
System feautures Peak-holding function, Timer-holding function (Timer value
0.5, 1 to 99sec), Tolerance judging function, Mean value outputting function (n=1 to 30), Data output (PC printer), Outer functions control output
Outside interface RS-232C
Power AC100ʙ240V(ACAdapter)
Dimensions 170(W)×160(L)×470(H)mm
Weight 11ᶵ (Including weight 1kg)
Sensor unit Model : GSS-619 (Type A) GSS-620 (Type D) GSS-621 (Type E)
Pressing-surface diameter : П18mm
(ESS-621, type E is 127mm) Code length : 2m
Dimensions : 50(W)×35(L)×124(H)mm

Máy đo độ cứng cao su tự động GX-02 Series Teclock


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