Digital programmer controller EC5900R - EC5900R Ohkura

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Model EC5900R are digital programmer/controller offering flexible control by storing programs of 400 steps (maximum 100 steps per pattern) and maximum 19 patterns. Sufficient comments displayed in the display of 16 character × 4-line at the center of unit allows easy-to-operate and highly functions. The graphic indication of a program pattern makes you keep directly tracking the progress of a process.


■Human friendly display and operability
● LCD (wide temperature range product) display of 16-character and 4-line
●Graphic display of program pattern
● Superb operability by comments display
● Simultaneous display of process variable, set point, residual time and other related data
■ It is lineup about one channel type and two channel
1 channel-type basic model : EC5900R
2 channel-type basic model : EC5950R
■ The program function of fullness
● The mass program of a maximum of 400 steps and 19patterns
● DO : A maximum of 15 points, DI : A maximum of 12 points
● Time Units : Enables to switch time unit (minute/second) of programs
● It is easy edit about a program pattern by deletion/insertion function of a step, and deletion/copy function of a pattern
■ High accuracy : ± (0.1% + 1 digit)
Multi-Input (Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage or Current),
Multi-Output (Current, SSR drive, Relay)
■ Anti-overshoot control
■ Multi-PID, Programmed PID, Multi-output limit, Programmed output limit
■ Easy replace from EC5600S/EC5900A (They are following and terminal-arrangements community about a function and operability)


Model Description
ZE7101A0113 RS-232C module, for the EC5900R
HMSU2255B02 Cable with D-sub connector for RS232C I/F module, 2m
ZE7101B0411, 2 RS-422A/485 module, for the EC5900R 
WMSU0075A01 Cable for RS-422A/485
HMSU2695A01 DI cable for Multi setpoint selector
WMSU02343A01 DI/DO connector use
HMSU3081A02 I/V resister, 250 Ohm ±0.1%

Digital programmer controller EC5900R - EC5900R Ohkura


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