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THS/PLV21 seriesTHS/PLV21 series

Pass-through with ejection valve integrated system for liquid and viscous products

  • Detection and ejection of magnetic, non-magnetic and stainless steel metal contaminants
  • Very high sensitivity. Multi spectrum technology available
  • Standard pipe sizes available to suit all applications
  • Fast acting reject device for a limited quantity of rejected product
  • Control Panels are listed according to UL 508A and CSA-C22.2 No. 14-05
  • Wide range of flanges available for connection to bagging and clipping machines
  • Easy to clean and inspect
  • Minimum installation space required
  • Very High Reliability
  • Maximum Operator Safety
  • State-of-the Art Quality Control of liquid, viscous products and meat
  • Detection and ejection of magnetic, non-magnetic and stainless steel metal contaminants
  • Very high sensitivity. Multi spectrum technology available
  • Fast detection and rejection speed
  • Fail-Safe Operations
  • Structure and components in AISI 316L stainless Steel and food-compatible plastics (EU, FDA compliant)
  • Rugged, IP65/66/69 construction
  • Easy to disassemble and clean





CEIA is a manufacturing company specialized in the design, engineering and production of Metal Detectors. The CEIA Integrated Systems are especially designed for the inspection of liquid, and viscous products and the elimination of any contaminating metals, whether magnetic, non-magnetic or stainless-steel.


Special features

  • Detection sensitivity
    • THS/XX21E : High
    • THS/XX21: Ultra High
  • Immunity to environmental interference
    • High
  • Data display type
    • THS/XX21E : Alphanumeric OLED - 4x20 characters
    • THS/XX21: High-contrast graphical OLED 128x64 pixels
  • Local programming
    • THS/XX21E : 4 keys, 3 with double function
    • THS/XX21: 16 keys, 3 with double function
  • Control Power Box or Conveyor Control System according to Standards UL 508A and CSA-C22.2 No. 14-05
    • on request
  • Construction compliant with 21 CFR Parts 210 and 211
  • All parts in contact with the product are in FDA approved materials for food contact
  • Audio and visual detection indicators
  • Display of the signal level by means of bar graph
  • Inspected/contaminated product counter
  • Autolearn and automatic tracking of the product effect
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturer

Data management

  • Management of electronic production data and electronic signatures as per CFR 21, Part 11: Data security / Data integrity / Data traceability

Events storage

  • Complete monitoring of occurred events: Ejections / Test results / Programming accesses / Programming operations / Faults

I/O interfaces

  • RS232
  • Auxiliary RS232
  • Bluetooth
  • Ethernet interface (on request)
  • WI-FI
  • USB (on request)


  • Acoustic: Via internal buzzer
  • Optical
    • Graphic display with bar-graph indication
    • Light indicators on control unit: RED: Alarm or Fault / GREEN: Power on


  • Local: built-in keyboard and high-contrast display
  • Remote: through computer connected via Bluetooth, RS232, Ethernet or WiFi and managed with CEIA MD Scope software, THS Production Plus software or any other terminal emulation program or through Web Server (with optional IXC card)

Safety and security

  • Protection degree
    • THS/XX21E: IP65
    • THS/PLV21X and THS/PLVM21X: IP66 – IP69K
    • On UL versions, the Control Power Box and Conveyor Control System have a 4X-12 certified degree of protection
  • Electrical insulation
    • Galvanic isolation of the mains voltage
    • Compliant with international standards for safety and radio interference
  • Acoustic emission: Acoustic pressure according to Directive 2006/42/EC: <70 dB(A); <130 dB(C)
  • Pollution degree: (IEC61010-1) Class 2
  • Installation category: (IEC61010-1) Category II


  • Control Power
    • Box Main voltage: 100-240 VAC
    • Frequency and phase: 50/60 Hz - single phase
    • Full load current (FLA): 2.2 A
  • Pneumatic system
    • Stainless steel waterproof container (protection degree: IP66 – IP69K)
    • Pressure: 0.6 ÷ 1 MPa
    • Flow: 100 l/min

Environmental conditions

  • Temperature
    • Operating: -10 to +55 °C
    • Storage
      • -25 to +55°C (THS/PLV 21x - THS/PLVM 21x); 70°C for short periods, 24h max
      • -40 to +70°C (THS/PL 21x)
  • Relative humidity
    • Operating / Storage
      • 5 – 90 %, non-condensing

Product conditions

  • Maximum temperature (for higher temperatures, contact CEIA)
    • Product in transit
      • 70°C (THS/PLV 21x)
      • 60°C (THS/PLVM 21x)
    • Inside the rejected material bin: 70°C
  • Maximum allowed pressure (for higher pressures, contact CEIA)
    • Transit pipe
      • 1 MPa (THS/PLV 21x - THS/PLVM 21x)/li>
      • 1 MPa with product up to 60°C (THS/PL 21x)
      • 0.6 MPa with product up to 90°C (THS/PL 21x)

Máy dò kim loại trong chất lỏng THS/ PLV21/ PLVM21 CEIA


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