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Level Transmitter Rosemount 5300
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Rosemount™ 5300 Level Transmitter - Guided Wave Radar

The Rosemount 5300 Level Transmitter is ideal for challenging measurements on liquids, slurries, and solids,

offering state of the art reliability and safety features in level and interface applications.

Rosemount 5300 offers several advantages such as easy installation, no need for calibration, and is unaffected by process conditions.

Also, it is SIL 2 certified making it your first choice for safety applications.

It has a robust construction and features powerful built-in diagnostics allowing you to focus on the essential part - your plant.



± 0.12 in. (3 mm)


± 0.04 in. (1 mm)

Measurement Range

Up to 164 ft (50 m)

Operating Pressure

Full vacuum to 5000 psi (Full vacuum to 345 bar)

Operating Temperature

-320 to 752 °F (-196 to 400 °C)

Communication Protocol

4-20 mA/HART™, Foundation™ Fieldbus, Modbus™


SIL 2 IEC 61508 certification
TÜV tested and WHG approved for overfill prevention
Remote proof-test capabilities through verification reflector


Enhanced diagnostics enabling proactive maintenance

Probe Types

Rigid single lead, Segmented single lead, Flexible single lead, Rigid twin lead, Flexible twin lead, Coaxial and large coaxial, PTFE coated probes, Vapor probe


Up to five years


Direct Switch Technology gives increased sensitivity, high reliability, and long measurement ranges

Signal Quality Metrics gives you the ability to work proactively with your level instrumentation

Probe End Projection offers greater level measurement reliability

Dynamic Vapor Compensation for improved plant heat rate

Verification reflector for remote proof-testing and unique level transmitter verification

Ultra-thin layer detection through Peak-in-Peak technology


Thiết Bị Đo Mức Rosemount 5300 - Emerson Việt Nam


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