Thiết bị hiển thị và cảnh báo quá tải khối lượng COP90 BCS Italy

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COP90 Overload protection apparatus

Technical specifications


Power supply unit: stabilized, 10 V DC, 120 mA; each channel can energize up to 4 x 350 W  load cells, parallel connected

Range span: as required, minimum 5 mV, maximum 5 V DC

Resolution: 4000  internal divisions,  reading resolution  2000 divisions, multiplying coefficient: 1, 2, 5

Accuracy: ± (0,05% of reading + 1 bit)                  

Sensitivity: 2,5 µV / LSD                       

Reading rate: 12 readings/second

Input impedance: greater than 100 MÛ                         

Common mode rejection: 90 db

Temperature effect: on zero: 6 ppm/°C; on span: 12 ppm/°C

Zero and calibration: through trimmers



Display: 2 displays, 6 digits, LED 7 segments, 14 mms high,  red; bar-graph, 20 divisions ±10% or 0÷100%)

Parameter setup: through waterproof polycarbonate keyboard, with  16 numeric and function keys

Alarms: up to 15 (16 more available with expansion  board), for maximum or minimum load, with SPST output relay  (2  A capacity at 110/220 V AC); alarm  values  and  time delay settable through keyboard                       

Fail Safe device: SPST output relay, 2 A, activated in case of:

                                                  * transducer measuring bridge failure

                                                  * connecting cable interruption

                                                  * A/D converter failure

                                                  * microprocessor failure


Digital input: 8 optocoupled inputs

Serial output: RS232C or RS422 or RS485 or 0-20 mA Current Loop                                                 

Analog output: isolated  output,  0÷10 V, or 0÷20 mA, or  4÷20  mA  (maximum load 1000 W);  non-isolated output, 0÷10 V

Room temperature: operating 0 ÷ 40 °C; storage -10 ÷ 65 °C

Relative humidity: max. 80%                         

Line voltage: 115 or 230 Volt ±10% (to be specified), 50/60 cycle consumption: 25 VA max

Thiết bị hiển thị và cảnh báo quá tải khối lượng COP90 BCS Italy


  Trụ sở:    119 Quốc Hương,  Phường Thảo  Điền,  Q.2,  Tp.HCM

  VPGD: số 1 đường 27, P. Hiệp Bình Chánh, Q. Thủ Đức, Tp.HCM

  Ðiện Thoại:   (028) 35121007                 Fax:  (028) 35121008

  Mr.Tiến :      Phone: 0388 830 881

  VP tại Đức: Am Boscheler Berg 4a 52134 Herzogenrath

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